Huberty Says Vouchers Are 'Dead' in House

House Public Education Committee Chairman Rep. Dan Huberty told the Texas Tribune on Tuesday, Feb. 28, that he considers any voucher bill "dead" in the House and that he wouldn't hear it in his committee, which would effectively kill any measure that the Senate sent it. Huberty has taken heat since then from pro-school choice advocates. 

Huberty sat with Texas Tribune Executive Editor Evan Smith for a wide-ranging interview on issues facing public education -- including school finance and the A-F ratings -- and the Texas Legislature.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has made school choice one of his legislative priorities this session, and Gov. Greg Abbott has called school choice the a “civil rights issue.” House Speaker Joe Strauss has said he will respect the will of his chamber's members.

Watch Huberty being interviewed by the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith HERE. Huberty briefly lifts out SBISD around the 13:55 mark.

Read the Houston Chronicle story HERE.


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