Senate Announces School Finance Working Group
From Moak, Casey & Associates

The Senate Finance Committee met for the first time this session announcing subcommittee memberships and anticipated work calendar. In her opening remarks, Chair Sen. Jane Nelson stated that one of the most important issues facing the committee is the school finance system. As a result, Sen. Nelson appointed a workgroup charged with the assignment to, “propose potential replacements for our current funding structure. It should be less complicated, innovative, and meet the needs of our students.”  

Sen. Taylor, who will serve as chair of the working group, called this a real opportunity to do meaningful reform. He called the Supreme Court decision a real opportunity for the Legislature to act without a prescriptive court decision. He further stated this was a chance for the Legislature to start over when it comes to funding education. Sen. Taylor stated that many groups from across the state have been working on new school finance plans and that the working group’s first step will be to invite them to present their ideas.

The other members of the work group include: Sen. Bettencourt, Sen. Birdwell, Sen. Hancock, Sen. Hinojosa, Sen. Seliger, and Sen. West.


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