Analysis: Two Tax Cuts, but Only One with a Sales Pitch

by Ross Ramsey

With the first round of the Legislature's biennial budget dance almost complete, the Senate has made its ideas for state finance — particularly when it comes to tax cuts — much clearer than whatever the House is thinking. 
In a series of press conferences and committee hearings, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and various senators have laid out their plans to increase homestead exemptions, giving the average homeowner something like $206 in relief each year.
They want to increase the size of companies that are exempted from the state’s franchise tax, roughly cutting in half the number of companies that pay that unpopular levy.
They even lined up their own outside lobby force in the form of the thousands of Texas Realtors who will be promoting the Senate’s proposal for a constitutional ban on sales taxes on property transactions.
The House has been a lot quieter. There are some ideas in the works, but the marketing — selling this to the public — all seems to be on the Senate’s end of the Capitol.

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