Judge: School finance system 'dooming' Texas children

By Lauren McGaughy

AUSTIN – Just weeks after stepping down from 23 years on the bench, retired state District Judge John Dietz lambasted state lawmakers Sunday for not having the best interests of Texas' public school students in mind.
"We are dooming a generation of these children by providing an insufficient education and we can do better. It's been our best interests to do better," said Dietz, who has twice in the last two years declared the state method of funding public schools unconstitutional. "It's about time the Legislature take its own advice and take the best interests of the children at heart and do something."
Dietz made the comments at a keynote speech to the Association of Texas Professional Educators, the largest educators' membership organization in the state. After giving a brief history of Texas public education, Dietz focused mostly on his worries about a lack of funding and how that impacts student achievement.

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