Klussmann Testifies During Pre-K Hearing

Superintendent Duncan Klussmann testified before the House Public Education Committee Tuesday (March 10) on House Bill 4, a bill that provide additional funding for pre-K programs to districts that adopt certain curriculum and teacher standards. Klussmann told trustees at the Monday, March 9, workshop that HB4 is favorable to Spring Branch and bears watching, and told the House panel that he’d like to see the money built into funding formulas.

Others testifying before the panel urged lawmakers to include more money for pre-K in state funding formulas for schools instead of grants subject to the whim of the Legislature. 

"That means you are making a real commitment to the future of pre-K," said Duncan Klussmann, the superintendent of Spring Branch ISD. "I think that is more important than the dollar amount."

Huberty said that it was his intention (to) ensure the funding "stays and sticks.”

“TalkTurns to Standards as Lawmakers Weight Pre-K Bills” (click to read story) www.texastribune.org, March 10, 2015

As written, the bill, written by Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Humble), would provide up to $1,500 extra per student if the standards are met. But the funding only applies to those students who qualify for tuition-free pre-K now – some 225,000 students across the state from low-income, English-language learning, military or foster families.

Spring Branch ISD offers full-day pre-K – tuition-free for qualifying families – but pays for a half-day with no state help. Other families pay tuition to cover program costs. Spring Branch has long lobbied for fully funded all-day pre-K. The district’s program is believed to be one of the first of its kind to be offered by a large a large public school district in Texas.

Other pre-K bills have been filed and were heard during Tuesday's hearing.


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